Aug 28, 2014

at home

i love how all my things look different against the blue wall.  i need to hang this lamp.
i started reading a nice book. the evenings were cold already, but the weather report for next week looks promising, yay!

Aug 25, 2014

summer is over

or that's how it seems... we are having a lot of rain these days.  and it's getting colder. there's an extra blanket on the bed already.
let's hope for some nice days in september! i have sandals on it's way and i really want to wear them still!! :)
hanna's bag (or actually, V's) arrived, it's so beautiful! thanks a lot!

Aug 24, 2014

made a little trip to visit some dear friends and their sweet dogs.  they live in this pretty house. i want to go back soon, it's so beautiful over there!

Aug 21, 2014

I've heard about you

welcome to the exhibition of V&S. all info on the flyer.

Aug 20, 2014

leon mcCutcheon

i love these paintings. the first one even reminds me of jockum nordström.  not so much to find about leon, but here is something to read.

Aug 18, 2014

mr. sottsass

i spent some time browsing this book today.  i'm not a very big fan of his photographs but there are some diary-fragements in it that are very beautiful and interesting to read.
the tablecloth with the little flowers was a present from renilde, i like it a lot. and the baby mickey is a candle i found in a thriftstore :)

Aug 16, 2014

a wardrobe

finally all the boxes in the apartment are unpacked.  (a few left in the hallway though, but i guess they'll stay there forever).
last week i picked up this beautiful wardrobe.  i use it for things though, not clothes.  it has all these pretty details and it suits so well in the blue room. i love it!

Aug 15, 2014


i got this tiny tiny walter bosse fox from erico, along with the makato kagoshima handkerchief. so pretty!  have you seen these beautiful fox bags?
have a good weekend!

Aug 13, 2014


i just uploaded a new set of photos on my website.  i've been there before when i was photographing the ateliers of the masters, but i knew i wanted to go back for more :)
when i look at them i remember a very nice morning, with tea, nice music and a good conversation. have a look!!

Aug 12, 2014

in the kitchen

the kitchen is the sunniest room but doens't look supernice actually. i'm not a fan of the grey worktop, the tiles look very old fashioned and there are way to many cabinets.  the pinocchio funnel and charlotte's vegetable zodiac poster make up a lot!